Who Dares Wins/O Tolmon Nika


Who Dares Wins/O Tolmon Nika Motto Medallion


 “Luck favors the daring”
Thucydides, Athenian soldier and historian

The motto, Who Dares Wins/O Tolmon Nika, has been used as a combat slogan by twelve elite Special Forces units around the world. The visual representation of a sword bearing angel wings is used by the Greek Mountain Raider Companies.

We created this medallion to give you the reminder that audacity can lead to success. Also, the slogan, Who Dares Wins, can be interpreted that courage itself is its own reward.

Keep it with you throughout your day, or put it on display in your home or office to prompt yourself to face adversity with bravery, or share it with a friend. We hope you will join us in our mission to inspire and empower as many people as we can!

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