Deo volente/God Willing


Deo volente/God Willing Motto Medallion


With great joy, we present to you the Deo volente/God WillingMotto Medallion!

Deo volente is a Latin phrase meaning “God willing”. This expression is used in announcements of meetings, weddings, and other events to indicate that man is not in control of the future, but is dependent on God.

The expression comes from pre-Christian times, and appears only once in the Bible, namely in Acts of the Apostles
18:21: sed valefaciens, et dicens: Iterum revertar ad vos, Deo volente: profectus est ab Epheso (New Bible Translation: but he parted with the words: ‘I will come back to you later, God willing.’ So he departed from Ephesus).

IC XC NIKA means “Jesus Christ Conquers.”

The IC and XC are the first and last letters in the Byzantine Greek names for Jesus and Christ, respectively. NIKA is connected to the word for victory, which we know from Greek mythology and even consumerism as “Nike.”

Keep it with you throughout your day, or put it on display in your home, office, or share it with a friend.

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